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CombatManagerWhile I love my collection of Pathfinder RPG books, they are actually a bit of a pain to have at the gaming table, especially when you’re running a combat that involves monsters from all three Bestiaries. I have looked at some length for a solution to this problem, there just didn’t seem to be a ‘physical’ way to do it. Our dining table just doesn’t have that much room for piles of books or papers. Nor is there really a practical place to put a laptop.

This problem led me to search for a suitable iPad app that would do the trick. While I could have kept a browser with various tabs open, I felt that I had to be missing that perfect app that would handle all of this for me.

Finally, I stumbled upon the answer. I have tried various apps for both iOS and Android, and a few for Windows as well, and was disappointed every time. Then I found Combat Manager, a free Windows app that also happened to be available for iOS at a very reasonable price. A few sessions later, and both my hubby and I are using to help run combats in our respective games. I was impressed that the iOS version allows you to save groups of monsters to use in combat, so I can prepare ahead of time and just open up the file when a particular combat comes up.

Combat Manager also allows you to look up feats, spells, monsters, rules and treasure for the Pathfinder system. You can even advance monsters to make them a bit tougher. It really is a fantastic app and worth checking out.

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  • April 19, 2013 at 12:08 pm

    Sounds very useful, but to a complete newbie, that app looks extremely intimidating. I found out a few of my pals are big board game gamers, so I’ll forward them this post.

    • April 19, 2013 at 1:58 pm

      Hehe, without knowing the rules, apps like this would definitely be intimidating. The only way to really get into pen and paper role playing is by actually doing it… the rulebooks don’t make much sense until you’ve seen the game in action.


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