Newbie GM – Interlude

After a long winter break due to illness and real life stuff, our little Pathfinder group finally got back together again. However, the timing didn’t really work out and I was unable to prepare an adventure in time. This is where hubby stepped in to help me with a one shot adventure. In order to not disrupt the campaign we were already busy with, he took the other players’ characters into an alternate/dream world (the characters and players are still not sure what it was!) and gave me a character in this world as well.

Switching from game master to player was a nice change of pace, and I really do wish I could play more often. I did notice I wasn’t too keen to take the lead, something I’ve learnt from being a GM. It’s hard to let your players take control and do what they think is a good idea, even when you know it’s not (or indeed, if you know there’s nothing to be gained by doing said action). In fact, I felt rather like an NPC, which I suppose I was, being an outsider to the group and a native of the place they found themselves in.

That single session was pretty exciting, I must say, as my husband is a much better storyteller than I am. He also has plenty more GM experience, meaning he can respond to character’s actions without all the um-ing and aah-ing I tend to do. I look forward to one day convincing him to run another campaign 🙂

If you’re curious, the world he created was inspired by Sergei Lukyanenko‘s Night Watch books. I also intend to start blogging a bit more regularly again, now that our gaming group is more or less back on track. If you’re interested in Lego stuff, you can catch my weekly Minifig Monday posts over at Geeks Doing Stuff.

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