Smith Legacy–Chapter One

Magenta Smith is a Sim of humble origins who plans to leave her mark on the world of Dragon Valley by establishing a long line of descendants. Ten generations, to be precise. 


She’s purchased 32 Lugh Lane in a quiet corner of Dragon Valley, using most of her modest family fortune to buy this 64×64 plot. (The challenge requires the Sim to start with only 1,300 Simoleons, so I bought a bunch of trees to use up the extra cash.)

The first order of business is of course building somewhere to live. Her limited funds translates into a miniscule home with the barest of furnishings.


Even with her low expectations, however, Magenta is still not very impressed with what she’s ended up with… Which means it’s time to find a job. As soon as the paper arrives, Magenta takes a job in the Science career track. She then spends her first few days living off picnic baskets left unguarded in the park, and taking her showers at the gym.


Magenta has been trying to meet everyone she comes across, hoping to find a suitable partner who can help her bring in the next generation of Smiths. Sure, the locals are a little strange, but she definitely wasn’t prepared for this zombie attack on the night of the first full moon!


Poor Magenta. Hopefully things will improve for her over the next few days.

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