Smith Legacy–Chapter Two

After her harrowing encounter with the zombie, Magenta decides to get some fresh air and heads to the festival grounds. Here she takes part in a hotdog eating competition to drown her sorrows and fill her tummy.

Synchronised eating competition

More disturbing than the way the three contestants ate in perfect synchronisation was the fact that the blue-haired kid actually won.

Love at first random encounter

After losing to a child in the eating competition, Magenta starts scouting the park for prospective mates. Eventually she meets Quinn, a journalist who also happens to be a werewolf. However, he’s the very first single Sim that Magenta has encountered, so she reckons he’ll do.

Also seen in the image above is the secret to Magenta’s slightly increased wealth: wildflowers. These sprout up all over town, but are particularly prevalent in this park. As a fairy and possessing the gatherer trait, Magenta is happy to spend hours picking these, selling them for a little profit (the rarer flowers can earn several hundred simoleans each).

There's no place like home

With her wildflower profit, Magenta is able to upgrade her home a little bit. She now has a fridge, sink, bookshelf, chair and an outdoor shower. Plus, she was even able to afford a fairy house, where fairies can sleep and hang out drinking pollen punch and throwing wild fairy parties.

Gardening in the town

Meanwhile, things are not going so well for Magenta’s aspiration of being a magnificent gardener. In fact, after attacking her the other night, the zombies at the one little plant she had managed to buy and plant outside her home. She’s since decided to wait until she can afford a greenhouse (and perhaps, a proper house for herself) and do her planting indoors where they will be safe from the zombies and the elements.

In the meantime, she’s honing her gardening skills in one of the ‘parks’ in town that just happened to be full of fruit and vegetables waiting to be harvested.

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