Infiltrating Jorgenfist II

Chapter 4 continued. Session date: Friday 13 June 2014. Continued from previous journal entry

Photo 2014-06-16, 11 16 11After receiving information about their enemy from Conna the Wise, the heroes proceeded deeper into Jorgenfist, hoping their presence would go unnoticed. Unfortunately for them, the kobold barbarian they had left unconscious had recovered enough to seek healing from the lamia priestesses and alert the stone giant commander about the intruders.

The heroes found their passage unimpeded until they passed through the barracks. Then the stone giants made their move, throwing rocks from a distance and damaging the spellcasters at the back of the party. Still, it wasn’t until a particularly intimidating stone giant figure appeared that the heroes began to worry.

While Cecil, Nova and Nu were dealing with the stone giants, the enemy sprung the rest of their trap. A red dragon appeared and breathed fire on Ciaran and Oparal, and the angry kobold attacked with the only piece of equipment the heroes hadn’t looted from her, a sling. And if that wasn’t dangerous enough, two lamia priestesses of Lamashtu came from a nearby cave, slinging unholy spells and attacking with their deadly falchions and claws.

Ciaran and Oparal did their best to fend off their attackers with their spells. Oparal threw up a stone wall between them and the dragon, but this only delayed him for a moment. There was little they could do against the lamia and kobold’s physical attacks, however.

Then, the unspeakable happened. Nu, Cecil and Nova had dispatched two out of three of the stone giants, leaving one severely injured giant, and the commander. With Nu and Nova finishing off the final giant, Cecil went toe-to-toe with the commander, confident that he would be victorious against his hated foe. It was then that the commander struck a lucky blow with his pick, driving it into Cecil’s chest, utterly crushing the life out of him in an instant [he scored a critical hit with a x4 multiplier for a total of 128 damage, greater than Cecil’s total health].

The party was shocked by the suddenness of Cecil’s death. Nova tore out the throat of the remaining stone giant, but it was clear the party could not defeat the commander, the dragons and the priestesses without Cecil’s help. The spellcasters wisely chose to use dimension door at this moment, managing to grab Nu, Nova, and Cecil’s body and fleeing to the deathweb cave before teleporting back to Magnimar to find someone to restore their fallen comrade to life.

It took them more than a day and a lot of gold before they found a priest capable of resurrecting Cecil with no ill effects. After upgrading his armour, Cecil was ready to return to Jorgenfist and take down the stone giant commander. Nova too seemed determined to protect her master at all costs.

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