Infiltrating Jorgenfist III

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Crushed! Like my players’ dreams!

Chapter 4 continued. Session date: Friday 27 June 2014. Continued from previous journal entry

Our heroes took a few minutes to plan their next move after returning to Jorgenfist. Their hasty action the previous day had nasty consequences; they did not want to lose another party member. Ciaran turned Cecil invisible so that he could scout out the entire level.

What Cecil found was a bit disconcerting: no sign of the stone giant who had slain him, and although there were a few patrols guarding the caverns, the armoury was strangely empty of the weapons that had been there yesterday.

Armed with information on their foes’ movements, Oparal used her magic to create a silent zone where they could dispatch the guards without alerting the other enemies in the area.

After dispatching a couple of patrols of stone giants, and the trolls guarding the entrance to the next level, our heroes descended into darkness, finding themselves in a strange chamber which seemed to stretch into infinity in their peripheral vision. So extreme were the disorienting effects of this room that Nu and Cecil found themselves reduced to the size of halflings! Ciaran and Cecil found themselves unable to act when two lumbering giants entered the room and attacked.

Oparal’s quick thinking and unusual use of her moonlight bridge oracle power offered some protection while Nu took on the giants. Despite his newly reduced stature, he was quick enough to dispatch the monsters.

Stone Golem

The next room posed a different challenge to our heroes. A mighty cauldron stood in the centre of the room, spewing noxious smoke that sickened the good-aligned heroes. The cauldron was guarded by a mighty stone golem, who was impervious to the mages’ magic. Ciaran did manage to topple the cauldron with a well-placed resilient sphere beneath it, preventing further smoke from being produced, but burning Nu and Cecil with its boiling contents.

Still, this was enough to allow the heroes to defeat the golem. Their victory was short-lived, as a terrifying creature with what looked like a furnace burning in its stomach stepped through a wall and attacked Nu. The creature withdrew after its initial attack, but the heroes were left knowing that the monster could be back at any time.

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