Smith Legacy–Chapter Nineteen


Elizabeth discovered she was in her element as she delved ever deeper into the Forbidden City’s catacombs, solving puzzles, disarming traps, and looting treasure. The vacation was over all too quickly.


Alexandra was delighted to be able to add some foreign recipes to her repertoire.


Magenta realised it was time to begin her family’s collection of heir portraits. She started with Elizabeth, of course. She would need to help train a family member so that someone could paint a portrait of her, Magenta.


Charles continued to dedicate his time to various crafts in lieu of studying.


The potential heirs were growing up fast. Miranda (left) was a little strange, but she had a talent for music. Megan (right) was strange in her own way, but she had inherited her grandmother’s goodness. Only time would tell who would one day lead the family into the next generation.

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