Smith Legacy–Chapter Twenty


With most of her garden moved into the greenhouse, Magenta installed a new device into what she called the ‘skills room’. With this device, she could eat, shower, dress and teleport to work in just a few minutes. She was really enjoying her life as a wealthy surgeon.


Alexandra was still determined to become one of the most renowned celebrities in Dragon Valley, so she decided to visit the trendy new club that had opened up in town. Unfortunately, it seemed like she was the only sim who knew about the place.


Smith20-04Soren had had a casual conversation with his sister about the many disastrous dates he’d been on with Jennifer Pleasant. He’d mentioned how Jennifer was a vampire and how cool he thought vampires were. Before he knew it, Elizabeth had managed to find a special potion, which turned Soren into a vampire!

Little Megan began honing her dance skills at an early age.


Over a hundred days after Magenta had begun her adventures in Dragon Valley, she grew up into a responsible adult. However, it seemed she STILL wasn’t ready to grow up yet, as she had a mid-life crisis almost immediately!

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