Smith Legacy–Chapter Twenty-Four


Smith24-02Now that she was a human Sim, Elizabeth realised that her days were numbered. There was no longer infinite time to complete her lifetime goal of becoming a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder, and her fishing skills (or lack thereof) were holding her back.

Soren, finding the adjustment to (un)life as a vampire a bit of a strain, was spotted conversing with an unhatched dragon egg at a friend’s party. Needless to say, the other guests gave him a wide berth at that party.

It was around this time that his family decided it would be best if Soren moved out. He agreed, somewhat reluctantly, to take his nephews Eric and Charles with him, as well as their sister Miranda, who it seemed would remain eternally youthful.


Elizabeth’s quest to improve her fishing skills meant she had to fit it around her busy schedule at the science facility. She fished whenever, and wherever, she could.


With fewer Sims in the house, Alexandra decided to get to know her remaining niece Megan. If Megan was put off by Alexandra’s sudden skin colour change (the result of eating a jelly bean off Magenta’s new plant), she hid it well.


Megan soon had other things to worry about, in fact, as she investigated some strange lights that appears over the house one night. Moments later an alien craft appeared, pulling her into its depths!

Megan was returned a few hours later, physically unharmed but mentally troubled by her experience with the aliens. Still, she reckoned if she could handle such a strange event, the last few years of high school ought to be a breeze!

[Note: It was around this time that I started to have serious trouble with my game. From slow/choppy gameplay, to hard freezes during load screens, I resorted to a number of mods to help improve gameplay. Unfortunately the mods couldn’t help Miranda and her aging up problem, which is why she got evicted along with the male members of the household!]

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