Smith Legacy–Chapter Twenty-Six


Magenta was asked out on yet another date – it seemed that the men of Dragon Valley just couldn’t get enough of her! This latest date was a bit odd, as when Magenta went to the proposed location, all she found was a junkyard… It seemed her suitor had changed his mind after all!


Elizabeth decided she wanted a change in her old age, and opened a resort in Dragon Valley. It was the very first of its kind in the town, but as Elizabeth soon discovered, running a resort was no mean feat.

It wasn’t long before the resort was closed due to being unprofitable, and Elizabeth realised that she wanted a quieter retirement, and sold the resort.

Megan spent her teenage years honing her skills and trying to decide how she would carry on the proud Smith name. Eventually she decided that cooking would be her career. Smith27-04

Elizabeth used the money she received from the sale of the resort to finance renovations of the Smith homestead.

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