The Invasion of Varisia I

Continued from: Infiltrating Jorgenfist IV

Having received the message to meet with Akorian’s agents, our heroes scooped up Nu’s lifeless body and headed for the Storval Stairs. There they came upon the corpses of several hill giants, and watched several powerful heroes slaying two more.


These heroes introduced themselves as the knights that Akorian had sent to help protect Varisia from Mokmurian’s army. Their leader introduced himself as Alamander, and though at first he and his knights mistook our heroes for mere merchants, they eventually agreed to work with our heroes. The knights numbered only eight, so it was clear to our heroes that more help was needed to stop the giant army.

Alamander and his knights decided to ride towards Ravenmoor, which stands directly in the path of the giants. They gave our heroes a device that would allow them to communicate with the knights when they were ready to join the battle. Our heroes teleported to Magnimar to resurrect Nu and seek help from their allies.

It was in Magnimar that Oparal discovered that she was pregnant, and decided to stay with her old mentor where she would work in the house of healing once more. Ciaran did not hang around to hear that the child was his. Instead he started rounding up allies to help in the protection of Sandpoint and other towns in the giants’ path.

Jaden was more than willing to send some of his thieves and spies to disrupt the giants’ supply lines and protect Sandpoint from the shadows. Ciaran also approached the Hellknights in Magnimar, who agreed to help defend Sandpoint in exchange for our heroes dealing with the Vydrarch monster that had been terrorising the docks of late. The legendary beast was tough, but not tough enough for our heroes.

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