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I couldn’t resist picking up this fantastic set when I was in the toy store the other day, and now that I’ve built it, I’m really glad I did! The attention to detail is really impressive, and the set comes with a special book that gives a little bit of background information about Back to the Future and the creation of this set (plus the build instructions, of course!)


The first date on the panel inside the Delorian is actually the date when the first LEGO brick was patented! There’s just enough room for two minifigures to actually sit inside, though I found it worked better with just one.


Speaking of minifigs, the set comes with Marty McFly and Doc Brown, as well as a skateboard (sadly not the hoverboard from the second movie though). Each minifig has two faces – a happy one, and a scared one. You can see Marty’s scared face in the first image.


The set has been designed so you can change the look to match each of the three movies. The ‘OUTA TIME’ numberplate from the first movie changes to the barcoded one of the second film, and the Mr Fusion energy reactor can easily be added to the back. The wheels also rotate so the car can hover.


Finally, the gadgetry from the third film slots in on the bonnet. The changes really are very simple – I only had to remove one piece to add the bonnet part. Changing to the red wheels was also a simple process.


This really is a fantastic set and a must-have for LEGO and Back to the Future fans! I picked mine up for R599.

Abigail Holden

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