The Invasion of Varisia II

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After securing the help of the Hellknights stationed in Varisia, the party decided they needed the aid of Magnimar’s army as well. Ciaran approached the lord-mayor, who was more than happy to help out the heroes who had saved his life from the cult of Norgorber (and protect Magnimar’s holdings, of course). Armed with a letter of recommendation from the lord-mayor, the heroes visited the towering building that housed Magnimar’s army. The General, who happened to have lost an eye to a giant some years ago, was eager to help defend the city and Varisia from the giant army.

A force of several hundred soldiers would make their way to Sandpoint within the next few days, as the heroes were convinced Sandpoint was the giant army’s ultimate goal. The army was able to supply a small force of 20 troops immediately. Ciaran used a number of teleport scrolls to transport the party and these soldiers to Ravenmoor, where the knights were preparing for the arrival of a large number of ogres who had been dispatched to take the small town. Most of the townsfolk had been evacuated and were fleeing south.

The knights reported that Mokmurian’s main force was large and powerful, so the heroes agreed that the best course of action would be to take out small groups like patrols, disrupt their supply lines, and so on, to improve their chances in the main battle which would likely take place near Sandpoint.

After observing the ogres who were approaching Ravenmoor, the heroes and the knights determined that there were two tribes working together, and devised a plan to pit the two tribes against each other. Late at night, Cecil and the shadowdancer Reda, a member of the knights, snuck into each tribe’s camp and killed a few¬†ogres from each camp, before taking a body to the opposite camp, making sure the tribe markings were clear.

Once Reda and Cecil had escaped to safety, Nu, a few soldiers and a few knights approached one of the camps, disguised as ogres of the other tribe (enlarged to assist in the ruse), and attacked, which helped draw attention to the previously slain ogres. It didn’t take long for chaos to erupt in both camps, allowing Nu and his team to retreat safely while the ogres attacked each other.

The next morning, it took only a few well-aimed fireballs from Ciaran, and a few moments to finish off the surviving ogres. The knights were quite impressed with the efficiency and effectiveness of the heroes. Still, the ogres were but one small part of the giant army, and there was still much work to do.

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