The Invasion of Varisia III


Continues from: The Invasion of Varisia II

After their triumph over the ogre portion of Mokmurian’s army, our heroes were eager for more. However, they had already decided that taking on the bulk of the giant army alone was not a good idea. They would choose the time and place of the final showdown with the wizard and his minions, but it would be close to Sandpoint, where their allies were gathering. All the townsfolk of Ravenmoor had evacuated south as well, heading for the safety of Magnimar’s walls.

While pondering their next move, Ciaran decided to check in with Jaden in Sandpoint. Jaden claimed to have a poison expert who had recommended the poison of the death worm as potent enough to weaken or perhaps even kill the stone giants. Poisoning their food supply seemed like the best option.

However, death worms are not known for their friendliness. They average at least 15-feet long, though larger ones are rumoured to exist. In addition to their poisonous bite, they also spit acid and breathe lightning, and their blood has corrosive properties. Even their skin is poisonous! Despite this, our heroes knew that weakening the stone giants could be pivotal in stopping them.

Before heading to the foothills of Iron Peaks, a scout returned to report that Mokmurian’s army of stone giants had reduced in number by at least twenty, but there was no sign of their bodies, nor any evidence of them having broken away from the main force. They had simply vanished. Troubled by this, but knowing the importance of the death worms’ poison, the heroes hurried to their likely habitat.

It wasn’t long until a death worm burst out of the ground and attacked the heroes. It was a tough fight, but the death worm was alone – or so they thought. Moments after the death of the first worm, six more appeared, each larger and more terrifying than the last. Our heroes were surrounded, desperately trying to avoid the massive bodies of the worms, and their lightning and acid attacks. If it hadn’t been for Ciaran’s well-aimed scorching rays, the battle may well have been the party’s last.

Armed with the poison sacs of all seven death worms, including the massive alpha worm, the heroes returned to Ravenmoor to meet up with Jaden’s poison expert and decide how they were going to poison the giants’ food supply.

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