Keeping up with the Joneses #4


In her exploration of Willow Creek, Alexis soon discovered a practically limitless source of wealth – for Sims who took the time and effort required to dig for it. After selling a few artifacts she dug up, Alexis was able to expand her home a little bit.


Unfortunately, she nearly burned to death on her first attempt to use her new stove.


After her brush with death by fire, Alexis decided to call Nick and ask him on a date. They met up at the local nightclub. For some reason, Cassandra Goth thought it would be a good idea to join them at their table…


Nevertheless, the date went well, and Alexis was able to seal the deal with a kiss!


She celebrated her first successful date with Nick by adding a lounge to her home and dancing to her brand new stereo.

Alexis’s story continues in Chapter 5.

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