Return to the Fortress of the Stone Giants

Session Date: 24 October 2014. Continued from previous session.

After Mokmurian’s life was snuffed out, the ground of Sandpoint shook, while the red dragon still wheeled overhead. Conna the Wise managed to convince the remaining stone giants to give up the attack and flee. Nu the monk went to investigate the source of the earthquake, which turned out to be a sinkhole that had swallowed half the Sandpoint garrison building. After rescuing the only sergeant on duty that night (the rest were of course engaging the giant army), Nu learned that the hole had simply appeared with no warning, taking the holding cells and an office with it, until the rubble blocked the hole completely. In the dark there was little to see, however, so the sinkhole would remain a mystery for a while. The following evening, horrible screams and howling would be heard from beneath the garrison, but for now, all was silent.

Meanwhile, the remaining red dragon was still raining fire down on the defenders of Sandpoint. When it flew low to the ground again, however, Ciaran ensnared it with golden chains, bringing the beast crashing to the ground. Cecil delivered the killing blow, bringing an end to the attack on Sandpoint. Several of the town’s leatherworkers and alchemists claimed parts of the dragon for their work. An enterprising young woman decided she would cook the dragon meat and celebrations were soon underway.


When Cecil awoke the next morning (hungover, of course), he found to his surprise that his animal companion, Nova, had grown, apparently overnight, into a large creature the size of a very big tiger. Ciaran found a leatherworker who could produce a suitable saddle for Cecil to ride Nova (as she had previously been too small for this). Armed with new gear of all sorts after looting the dead stone giants, the heroes were prepared when a messenger from the Lord-Mayor of Magnimar arrived, asking the heroes to return to Jorgenfist, clear out any remaining enemies, and claim the fortress as Magnimar’s. It could then be used as a base from which to control or destroy the giant population of the Storval Plateau.

The heroes agreed, and they teleported back to the great fortress, where they came face to face with a very surprised-looking frost giant…

Next session: Cleaning Out Jorgenfist

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