Cleaning out Jorgenfist

Clockwork LibrarianContinued from previous session. Session date: 14 November 2014

After teleporting back to Jorgenfist, our heroes found themselves face to face with some very surprised frost giants who had apparently taken Jorgenfist as their new home. After a brutal fight with several frost giants and their winter wolf pets, our heroes began exploring the rest of the giant fortress.

There was one tower above ground which appeared to have been a nesting place of several rocs, but there was no sign of the giant birds except for a lone egg high up the tower. Naturally the heroes claimed the egg, perhaps hoping to sell it for a tidy profit.

The other remaining tower was eerily cold, and the main level contained the bodies of a frost giant and a harpy. The heroes decided to return to this tower last in order to investigate the lower levels.

The underground levels were abandoned save for the bodies of several freshly slain stone giants. On the lowest level they used the key they had obtained from Mokmurian to open the mysterious door they had passed last time they were here.

With the key, the door opened immediately, revealing a magnificent circular room that was seemingly untouched by the passage of time. This room turned out to contain a library dating from Thassilonian times. It’s only inhabitant now was an ancient clockwork librarian. He was able to provide many resources that the heroes could use to at last learn something about the enemy who had been behind so many of the evil acts the heroes had dealt with over the past few months.

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