Review: So What’s the Hoard Like, Anyway?

Hoard_coverAs I mentioned in my previous review, Raging Swan Press has a number of useful resources for busy game masters. So What’s the Hoard Like, Anyway? is a product that focuses on treasure.

This little PDF covers levels 1 to 7, providing 12 treasure hoards with appropriate values for each level – that’s a total of 84 treasure hoards. Each level has a table where you can roll a d12 to choose an appropriate hoard for that level. The content of each hoard is described in detail, making it perfect for GMs who are tired of giving out generic gems, scrolls, rings, or other items. There is almost no repetition of items or descriptions, meaning this product contains literally dozens of unique item descriptions.

The foreword admits that using these hoards for every single pile of treasure could become overwhelming for players, and I’m in agreement there. The hoards detailed in this product are better suited to be given as rewards for defeating significant foes. While some of them are a collection of gems and other precious items, there are a few interesting items that aren’t actually valuable at all, like a stack of love letters. A few of the hoards are themed, such as a collection of royal garments or jewels, or dwarven items. A few items even present possible plot hooks in their descriptions, most of them open-ended enough to allow a GM to work it into their story.

Each hoard’s value is given, as well as the value of each individual item in said hoard. Even the DCs for identifying and appraising the items are given. In the case of magic items, the magic aura is listed as well. The rules for appraising and identifying items are conveniently included at the beginning of the PDF. All of this makes it easy for a GM to just drop the hoard into the game without preparation, or to mix and match items to customise a hoard. The actual descriptions of the items in the treasure hoards are system-neutral, making this a useful supplement for other fantasy systems as well.

You can pick up So What’s the Hoard Like, Anyway? over at There are two more products in this series that provide treasure hoards for higher levels, or you can grab All that Glimmers, which combines all three hoard products and several other treasure-related ones into one collection.

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