Into the Sinkhole

Glabrezu-1-Rise of the Runelords Chapter 5. Session Date: Friday 28 November 2014. Continued from previous session

Having returned to Sandpoint to investigate the mysterious sinkhole (and the town guard who had disappeared into it) that had appeared upon Mokmurian’s death, the heroes descended into the darkness below the town. It quickly became apparent that someone, or something, was stirring in the catacombs, as one of the previously blocked staircases had been cleared, and was now filled with fresh spiderwebs.

After burning the webs, and hoping that they didn’t come across the spider that had made them, the party ventured forward, only to find themselves in passageway filled with heavy fog. When they eventually made their way into a clear area, they saw writing all over the walls, ceiling and floor, and an ominous double door bearing Lamashtu’s face. Further exploration of the immediate area revealed several dead ends until they entered what seemed like a cathedral dedicated to Lamashtu. Chained to the wall was a woman meeting the description of the missing town guard, who begged the heroes to help her escape.

It was only when Radha approached the woman to open the manacles binding her to the wall did she realise that the woman was an illusion! In her place was a huge scaled monstrosity who seemed to amused to have tricked the heroes. He reversed the gravity in the room, sending half the heroes plummeting upwards. Unfortunately his advantage did not last long, as Ciaran bound the demon in chains of light, giving Radha the chance to land a killing blow. The demon roared as it died, gaining the attention of his nearby allies.

Soon the heroes had a large number of gnolls to deal with. Though they were individually easy to dispatch, their numbers slowed the heroes down. Their spellcaster caused Radha to panic and flee, leaving the others to deal with the gnolls. A human was among them, though he fled before the heroes could deal with him.

With the gnolls defeated, the heroes had a chance to explore the rest of Lamashtu’s shrine. Among the religious writing on every available surface, they also found several references to Runeforge, making them suspect that the key to its location may be hidden beneath the rhyme. When they finally confronted the Scribbler in his lair, they were convinced of it. All they had to do was decipher the rhyme…

Next session: Journey to Runeforge

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