Worm Attack!

undead_worm_by_michalivanSession Date: 11 December 2014 (final session for the year). Continued from previous session. This was a relatively short session focusing on tying up loose ends and ending off before the holidays.

After defeating the white dragon and his minions, the heroes gathered his hoard (and several trophies from the dragon himself) and returned to Magnimar to equip, sell and purchase materials to craft new magic items. With these in hand, they returned to their stronghold at Jorgenfist, where work was already underway on building dwellings for its new inhabitants.

In addition to crafting new equipment for the party, Ciaran was also working on a secret project – a simulacrum who would act as ruler of Jorgenfist while the party was away. Cecil and Nu decided they would take up leadership roles related to security and defense, while Radha knew immediately that the role of spymaster would suit her perfectly. Mayor Grobaras sent one of his clerks, Gellius Krupt, to keep an eye on his new outpost.

Before the heroes could commission any new projects, however, they were informed that a huge worm had killed several miners. Naturally they hurried to defeat the beast and get the mining operation back on track. Though the worm was indeed massive and terrifying, the heroes found strength in the defense of their own holdings, and the poor beast didn’t stand a chance.

With the mines cleared out, Ciaran instructed Harsk, the mine foreman, to increase the mining operations, and used his magic to locate several more rich veins of minerals that could be extracted. They also commissioned a new smithy to be built in their fledgling village. Soon they would be ready to head to Runeforge with confidence that their kingdom would be all right in their absence.

Next session: Into Runeforge

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