Pathfinder Random Race Tables

Below are some random race tables I came up with one night while rolling up some random NPCs. Combined with some random NPC trait tables, it’s possible to come up with some fun (if sometimes improbable, like the irritable, tongueless, ‘accompanied by four children’ dwarf executioner that came up) ideas for characters.

The tables assume that humans are by far the most common race – as is the case in the Pathfinder campaign setting, but you may want to adjust the numbers if using these for a different setting.

Common Races

d% Race
1-45 Human
46-52 Elf
53-59 Dwarf
60-65 Halfling
66-72 Gnome
73-80 Half-elf
81-89 Half-orc
90-100 Other

Other Races

d% Race d% Race
1-4 Aasimar 74-75 Merfolk
5-8 Catfolk 76-77 Nagaji
9-13 Dhampir 78-79 Samsaran
14-17 Drow 80-81 Strix
18-22 Fetchling 82-83 Suli
23-27 Goblin 84-85 Svirfneblin
28-31 Hobgoblin 86-87 Vanara
32-35 Ifrit 88 Vishkanya
36-39 Kobold 89 Wayang
40-43 Orc 90 Android
44-47 Oread 91 Ghoran
48-51 Ratfolk 92 Lashunta
52-55 Sylph 93 Monkey Goblin
56-59 Tengu 94 Gathlain
60-63 Tiefling 95 Kasatha
64-65 Changeling 96 Syrinx
66-67 Duergar 97 Trox
68-69 Gillmen 98 Wyrwood
70-71 Grippli 99 Wyvaran
72-73 Kitsune 100 GM’s choice

The lists above include all the player races from the Pathfinder Advanced Race Guide, plus those in the Inner Sea Bestiary and Bestiary 4.

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