Into Runeforge

oridkonSession Date: Friday 9 January 2015. Continued from previous session. First session after the holiday break! PCs present: Cecil the elf-turned-orc ranger and animal companion Nova, Nu the human monk, Radha the human ninja, Ciaran the human sorcerer. 

While the heroes were preparing to head back to Rimeskull mountain and enter Runeforge, they were visited by a delegation from the nearest Shoanti tribe. Chief Thousand Bones was interested in establishing a peaceful relationship with the new arrivals on the Storval Plateau, and agreed to provide maps of the territories of the various Shoanti clans.

In addition, Chief Thousand Bones asked the heroes to allow his daughter, Nanali, to accompany them on their quest. Their tribe was particularly interested in Thassilonian ruins and artifacts, and Nanali needed some real world experience before she could take on her role as a shaman of her tribe. She was initially reluctant to heal Cecil, as the Shoanti have long been at war with the orcs from the Hold of Belkzen to the east, but grudgingly admitted he was the most elf-like orc she’d ever heard of.

Departing from Jorgenfist once again, the heroes returned to Rimeskull and activated the portal into Runeforge. Once there, they found a room with seven statues of now-familiar individuals: the seven Runelords. Each seemed to have a section of Runeforge dedicated to their school of magic. Naturally, they thought the wing of greed would be a good place to start.

The rather impressive halls of greed were not without dangers. The heroes first came across a strange mist that filled the way forward, but they were able to resist whatever strange effect the mist should have had on them. In the next room were a number of water mephits frolicking in a fountain. They seemed to have no interest in fighting the heroes, and they instead warned them of the ‘metal man’ who liked to hurt them.

Before the heroes could locate this metal man, however, they were attacked by a statue in the next room. This golem didn’t slow them down too much though, and they soon found a research room inhabited by a man whose skin seemed to be made of metal, and his two apprentices. The wizard unleashed a number of very nasty spells on the heroes, but Ciaran’s finger of death spell quickly put an end to the fight.

Next session: The Vault of Greed

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