Keeping up with the Joneses #27


With Bryant finally reaching the top of the culinary career, the Jones family finally had enough money to expand their humble house.


They even managed to add a second story.


Of course, climbing the career ladder had used up most of Bryant’s youth. Old age was upon him, so he baked himself a magnificent chocolate cake.


He struggled to decide what to wish for, as most of his wishes had already come true. By the time he reached old age, Bryant had already completed many of his life’s goals: to become a master chef and a freelance botanist, and his dreams of becoming a mansion baron seemed within his grasp – if he could just live long enough! All these accomplishments meant he had acquired quite a number of traits: hot-headed, romantic, hates children (he acquired those growing up!), essense of flavour, fresh chef, naturalist, steel bladder, savant, super green thumb, carefree. He had also managed to reach level 10 of the gardening, cooking and gourmet cooking skills.


Bryant really felt like he had lived up to the Jones family name.

The Jones family story continues in Chapter 28.

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