Golems are Scary

Pathfinder Campaign Journal. Session Date: Friday 21 February 2015. Continued from previous session.


After surviving their adventures in the Runeforge wing of pride and illusion, the heroes moved onto the halls of wrath – transmutation magic. They didn’t quite expect the magnificent marble entrance hall guarded by a massive iron golem wielding a huge bow which shot arrows of flame. The golem also happened to be standing on a platform 30 feet high, made of smooth – unclimbable – marble.

The golem’s location forced the Nu and Radha to move in close in order to damage the 12-foot-high statue. This opened them up to the golem’s devastating melee attacks, which had both the monk and the ninja seeing stars rather quickly. Fortunately, Radha was prepared for the golem’s tough exterior, and managed to deal a massive amount of damage with her adamantine kukri, bringing down the golem, but not before it set off the alarm which surely alerted the entire wing to their presence.

However, no follow up attacks came, and so the heroes investigated the room the golem had been guarding. They found a red circle and a blue one, carved with ancient runes which seemed to indicate that they were some sort of teleportation circles. Having read in Vraxeris’ journal that the halls of wrath contained a portal that allowed the user to exit Runeforge entirely, the heroes were hesitant to use the circles without knowing where they went.

Eventually they decided to send Ciaran through one of the circles, leaving his familiar Snappy behind to (hopefully) maintain contact with the others. Invisible, Ciaran stepped into the circle, arriving on what seemed to be another level of the halls of wrath. There, several warriors and monsters were waiting – Ciaran dispatched these with a few well-aimed fireballs. He then returned through the portal, remaining invisible to his friends and observing them.

The remaining heroes were unable to interpret Snappy’s communications with them, and assumed Ciaran had been lost through the portal. They decided to head back to the Runeforge pool and attempt to enchant their weapons before following Ciaran into the unknown. At least then they would have something that could help them stand against Karzoug.

Upon activating the magic of the Runeforge pool, however, the statue of Karzoug animated and taunted the heroes, claiming they would never reach his hidden city. The statue then attacked, very nearly making Karzoug’s taunt come true. It was only with the help of the magic of Nu’s newly-enchanted temple sword that they were able to destroy the statue – and some invisible help from Ciaran, who finally decided to reveal himself at the end of the battle.

Next session: The Halls of Wrath

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