Keeping up with the Joneses #34


Lane and Callie were so excited by their engagement that they decided to have the wedding right away. Callie was a little concerned that her father might not be around forever, so they had the ceremony the very next day.


The whole family, plus a few friends, arrived at the park for Callie and Lane’s wedding ceremony.


Callie couldn’t get over how handsome Lane looked.


Meanwhile, Bryant got to work in the kitchen. It wasn’t as well-equipped as his own kitchen at home, but it would do.


When Callie saw this photo later, she wondered who on earth the bald guy checking her out was.


Unfortunately for the happy couple, the festivities were interrupted when one of the guests died in the bathroom. Needless to say, it didn’t look like Lane and Callie would be getting married today after all…

The Jones family story continues in Chapter 35.

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