Review: GM Screen Inserts

GM_Screen_InsertRaging Swan Press has just released a new product, GM Screen Inserts. These are available in a portrait and a landscape version, purchased separately. Both versions have 4 pages, and contain the same information. The only difference I spotted was the fact that the Sense Motive skill table is missing from the portrait version.

Each of the four pages covers a different topic. First up is combat actions, which includes lists of the various types of actions and whether these provoke attacks of opportunity or not. These tables are grouped differently from the ones found in the core rulebook. There are also tables of movement rates, monster identification and what the main combat manoeuvres do.

Next up is combat modifiers, which includes a list of common conditions, penalties for two-weapon fighting, concealment miss chances and various other modifiers in handy little tables. These tables are particularly useful for reference.

The third page covers magic and treasure, including the DCs for identifying treasure and spells, concentration check DCs and diagrams of spell areas of effect – I can see these being of particular use in my games.

Finally there is a page of common skill use DCs, including acrobatics, perception, climbing, riding, bluffing and diplomacy. I know these will come in handy for my games as well.

Visually, these inserts look great, using the same clean and easy-to-read style of other Raging Swan products. In a couple of places it feels like there is not enough space between columns, but for the most part the pages are very well laid out.

I would definitely recommend these GM screen inserts to any GM who wants well-laid-out reference tables for their GM screen. I personally use a landscape GM screen (I found a portrait screen was too high), but mine has only three panels as that’s all that will fit on my table. I might experiment with printing two pages on one as I’m not sure I’ll be able to decide which page to leave out. Needless to say, I’ll be printing these tables out and using them for my next game.

You can pick up both versions of these GM Screen Inserts over at

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