Keeping up with the Joneses #35


The death of one of their guests just before the ceremony really put a damper on Callie and Lane’s wedding.


Horrified and disappointed, the busyness of the day took its toll on the bride, and she found she just had to lie down and rest.


His business concluded (for now), Grim decided to enjoy the party he had crashed. The pianist was quite good.


The bridal couple decided to reschedule their wedding for another day. The remaining guests helped themselves to the delicious meal that Bryant had prepared – why waste good food just because some Sim had reached the end of their lifespan?

The Jones family story continues in Chapter 36.

Abigail Holden

Gamer, geek, LEGO fanatic. I also love Pathfinder RPG, The Sims, cross stitching, crochet and sci-fi and fantasy movies, games & books. And animals.

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