April Fools’ Silliness – Guild Wars 2 Edition

Yesterday saw plenty of April Fools’ jokes across the Internet, but the Guild Wars 2 joke was my favourite of the day. Basically, when you loaded up a character in Guild Wars yesterday, the screen had a sepia tint and a kind of ‘old film’ filter, and all player characters were sticking their arms out, as you can see in my screenshots below. To top it all off, they wore aviator hats and goggles, and make ‘plane’ noises. The only times a character’s arms would move was while performing some combat moves, so everything else, including mining and dancing, looked absolutely ridiculous.

I'm a plane! I'm a plane!I'm a plane!

Needless to say, I had a blast running around Tyria pretending to be a plane.

I'm a bobble head. I'm a bobble head.

These bobblehead pics weren’t actually related to the April Fools’ thing, though I’ve never seen the effect persist in the character selection screen. In any case, this too was rather fun!

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