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Raging Swan: Dwarven TownDwarven Town is part of Raging Swan’s Urban Dressing product line, which provides exactly what the title suggests: everything a game master needs to breathe life into an urban setting.

Although this is a Pathfinder supplement, the contents of this PDF are system-neutral and could work in any game that involves a traditional dwarven town.

First up in this product are 100 sights and sounds that GMs can use to add flavour to their dwarven town or to serve as inspiration for encounters or even whole adventures. These sights and sounds range from interesting statues that players might see on the streets of the town, to a passing dwarf with unusual tattoos.

Next is a table of 50 businesses, each with a name, the type of shop being described, and an interesting tidbit about the business. The majority of these have clever and suitably ‘dwarfish’ names, and just enough information to help make shopping a little more memorable for players.

The next table is a list of 50 people of interest, specifying a name, their alignment, gender, race and level, plus a brief description. As you’d expect, there are plenty of dwarves of all shapes and sizes, but there are a handful of other races as well, from humans to elves and even the odd half-orc. This is a good reminder for GMs wanting to create a believable setting: it’s pretty unlikely that a given town would contain only one race (unless they were extremely xenophobic, perhaps!) Even without the descriptions, this list provides 50 names that could be used for a variety of NPCs. The descriptions will help GMs populate their games with NPCs a little more interesting than ‘gruff, bearded dwarf’ or a similar stereotype.

Finally, there is a list of 20 plot hooks or opportunities for adventures or quests. These are just a starting point for GMs to flesh out in any way that suits them. I particularly like that they are described with just enough detail to intrigue characters to investigate further.

Urban Dressing: Dwarven Town provides over 200 short descriptions of sights, sounds, businesses, people and events that could be found in and dwarf-centric location. It uses the same clean, neat layout I’ve come to expect from Raging Swan Press, and is a worthwhile addition to any game master’s toolbox, particularly if you’re planning to include a dwarven settlement in your game.

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