Review: Dilath’s Hold

Subterranean Enclave: Dilath's HoldToday I’m reviewing another Raging Swan Press product, but this is my first ‘Subterranean Enclave’. This product line has a lot in common with the Village Backdrop line, except for the underground bit, of course.

This Subterranean Enclave feature’s Dilath’s Hold, a small underground village on the edge of a poisonous fungi forest. This rather unwelcoming location is mainly inhabited by drow and duergar, who are barely tolerant of each other.

As with Village Backdrops, this product provides an overview of the settlement, including its origins and demographics and a half-page map. Everything a game master needs to drop the settlement into a session is provided: important inhabitants, locations and even a list of the items available at the marketplace.

Also provided is a handy list of village lore, as well as what the average villager looks like, and a few names in case anyone asks what a random NPC is called. There are more detailed descriptions of the main locations shown on the village map, from an enormous snail shell that houses the flavourfully-named Grumtusk the Vile, to the Cavern of Delight and Pain, the name of which is pretty self-explanatory. Finally, there is a list of events that could happen during the PCs’ visit, and a couple of stat-blocks of potential opponents.

Dilath’s Hold is an interesting little village whose main trade in slaves and poisonous fungi, as well as the tensions between its drow and duergar inhabitants, could lead to numerous encounters and adventures for heroes willing to risk a visit. Notable NPCs range from level 3 to 8, making this a good location for heroes around levels 5 to 7.

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