The Ravenous Crypts

Rise of the Runelords: Azaven

Rise of the Runelords Campaign Journal. Session Date: 22 May 2015. Continued from previous session

After destroying the minions of sloth, Nu, Radha, Cecil and Ciaran moved on to the gluttony wing of Runeforge. There they found ancient crypts and necromantic laboratories guarded by all manner of undead nightmares. While the mummies and a clay golem guardian proved no match for the heroes, the same could not be said of the lich Azaven and his servants.

The fight was nearly over before it had begun, with Ciaran being struck by a finger of death that left him inches away from death. Fortunately Nanali was able to heal Ciaran,who retaliated with a reverse gravity spell, separating Azaven from his bodyguards and forcing him to focus his spells on Nu and Cecil as they closed in. Azaven put up a wall of force to keep Ciaran and Nanali at bay – temporarily at least – as he and his apprentice unleashed their terrifying necromantic magic on the heroes.

Though the lich was a formidable foe, the strength of the monk and ranger, combined with some well-placed spells from Ciaran and some sneak attacks from Radha, eventually brought down the remaining minions of gluttony.

With another wing cleared, the heroes returned to the centre of Runeforge. Only the wing of envy – apparently destroyed in some battle some years ago – was left to investigate.

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