LEGO Ideas: Big Bang Theory set revealed

I absolutely love LEGO Ideas. In a nutshell, it’s a place where LEGO fans can submit their own designs for sets. The public can then vote on the sets, and if a set reaches 10,000 supporters within the required time period, LEGO’s review board will consider whether the idea is suitable to be turned into a real LEGO set. Designers apparently even get some of the profits if the set is actually made. Some of the ideas that have already been made into sets include the Back to the Future set, the Ghostbusters set, and the Minecraft Micro World set.

LEGO periodically announces the sets that it is currently reviewing, as well as which sets have been chosen to become actual LEGO products. This is usually pretty exciting as it’s something to look forward to. Earlier this year some really geeky sets were announced, including a Doctor Who set.

This week LEGO revealed some images of the upcoming Big Bang Theory set. A great thing about LEGO Ideas sets is the fact that they are generally one-offs, so all the important minifigures you would want are included in the one set. This trend has continued with the Big Bang Theory set, as you can see below, with the set containing minifigs of all seven of the main characters in the show. I’ll be interested to see if this set makes it to South Africa – while sets like the Back to the Future and Minecraft sets made it here, the Ghostbusters and female scientist sets just weren’t brought in.

LEGO Big Bang Theory set

Check out the official website to find out more about LEGO Ideas and to vote on some of the awesome projects!

Here’s the latest announcement video from LEGO Ideas:

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