Keeping up with the Joneses #61

Jones Family Legacy 314

Even in her old age, Callie Jones was at the top of her game. She was a Net Demon, and only one step away from becoming The Oracle at her criminal organisation.

Jones Family Legacy 315

Unfortunately, Death had other plans. Callie had at last run out of time, and Grim showed up to collect the last remaining member of the third generation of the Jones family.

Jones Family Legacy 316

This time, however, Declan was ready for Death. He rushed over and gave Grim a piece of his mind, arguing that Callie was just one step away from the top of her career, and that it would be a terrible pity if she never reached it.

Jones Family Legacy 316

Moved by Declan’s love for his mother, Grim agreed to give Callie a little more time.

Jones Family Legacy 319

Callie found herself lifted up and returned to life. She was extremely grateful for a little more time.

Jones Family Legacy 320

Before he departed, Grim reminded Callie to make the most of her extra time. I’ll see you soon, were his parting words.

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