Keeping up with the Joneses #62

Jones Family Legacy Challenge 321

Life in the Jones family carried on as normal, until one evening a few days later…

Jones Family Legacy Challenge 322

Declan was horrified that the Grim Reaper was returning so soon for his mother.

Jones Family Legacy Challenge 323

He begged for just a few more days of life for Callie.

Jones Family Legacy Challenge 324

Death could not be persuaded to change his mind this time, however.

Jones Family Legacy Challenge 325

Callie’s long and mischief-filled life had come to an end. Sure, she had been a bit mean, but Declan wasn’t ready to say goodbye to his mother forever. Erica was also devastated, seeing the pain this was causing Declan.

The Jones family story continues in Chapter 63.

Abigail Holden

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