Keeping up with the Joneses #65

Jones Family Legacy 336

As Declan moved ever closer to completing his lifetime aspiration of being a musical genius. he realised that he needed to expand his music skills, so he started practising with the guitar as well.

Jones Family Legacy 338

Little Edith was something of a prodigy, being hugely creatively gifted. She also spent plenty of time on her school work, and was well on her way to becoming a whiz kid as well.

Jones Family Legacy 339

She challenged the family to many games of chess, but her favourite opponent was her aunt Darlene.

Jones Family Legacy 337

Of course, Darlene was turning out to be a little bit eccentric. Perhaps it was a side effect of her job in the astronaut business?

Jones Family Legacy 340

Meanwhile, Evelyn was earning her keep in the fast food business. Not the most glamorous of teen jobs, but it helped pay the family’s ever-increasing bills.

The Jones family story continues in Chapter 66.

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