Keeping up with the Joneses #67

Sims Legacy Challenge: Jones 346

Edith had aspirations of being a great gardener, but she also had great talent with a brush. Even though she was just barely a teen, she had already decided that she would become an artist.

Sims Legacy Challenge: Jones 347

The family garden proved to be a time-consuming but rewarding activity.

Sims Legacy Challenge: Jones 348

Darlene finally took a leap of faith and asked her new friend Danny out on a date.

Sims Legacy Challenge: Jones 349

Things went rather well, with Danny laughing at all of Darlene’s jokes – or perhaps it was just because of her lovely new dress?

Sims Legacy Challenge: Jones 351

Either way, Darlene thought her flirting was working.

Sims Legacy Challenge: Jones 350

She managed to get her first kiss with Danny before the date was over. Success!

The adventures of the Jones family continue in Chapter 68.

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