8 Wishes for The Sims 4


The Sims 4 turns 1 this week. It’s hard to believe we’re already a year into the lifespan of this game, but then again, my Origin counter says I’ve played well over 200 hours now! Sims Community has done a great year in review timeline of the first year of Sims 4 and The Sims official website posted this great infographic with crazy stats from the first year of Sims 4. I’ve already talked about 10 things that The Sims 4 has done right, so today I thought I’d talk about some things I hope they do in the next year or so:

8. Family Trees

Yes, they added genealogy in a free update earlier this year, but family trees don’t work like they used to in previous games. Because of the way Sims 4 culls (read: extinguishes from all history) Sims that have died, your family tree just contains living Sims and maybe the most recently deceased family member. I know this is something they’re working on, but in the meantime, it’s pretty frustrating.

7. Achievements and Unlocks Account-Wide

I already love the achievements and content unlocking system, but it only applies per household. That means you have to unlock them again for every different family you play. There are cheats to access the content anyway, but I’d prefer my achievements to be reflected across my whole account.

6. Autosaving and Cloud Backups

The current autosave system simply makes an autosave whenever you manually save the game, which kind of defeats the point of having an autosave system in my opinion. The chances of save files corrupting is also problematic, so some sort of cloud backup system would be awesome to roll your game back to a non-corrupt state. Obviously the whole online thing didn’t work out so well with SimCity, so I’m not sure how they would be able to implement this satisfactorily, but hey, I can dream.

5. More Holiday Destinations

The Outdoor Retreat game pack was a nice treat – a way for your Sims to get away from the house for a few days. However, camping is not for everyone, or every Sim, so some different or exotic holiday destinations would be awesome.


4. No Open World

Along with the endless whining about toddlers, I often see people demanding that Maxis implement the open world system of Sims 3 in Sims 4. Clearly these people cannot remember how poorly Sims 3 ran? Sims 4 runs smoothly, even on huge houses with 8 Sims, and travelling anywhere is a short load screen away. I love the system as it works now and this is one area where I sincerely hope they completely ignore player requests.

3. More or Larger Neighbourhoods

I love the neighbourhood and travel system which allows your Sims to travel anywhere they want, across worlds even. I’d love more neighbourhoods or perhaps slightly bigger neighbourhoods – the Gallery is full of so many awesome lots that I want to place into my game, but there just aren’t enough spaces available. No doubt the number of worlds will increase as time goes by, but it is something I’d love right now.

2. Content Packs for Kids and Teens

I complain about this every time I review a stuff, game or expansion pack: so far, there has been almost no content aimed at young Sims. I don’t know if this means there is a kid-centric expansion in the pipeline, or if they’re working on the return of toddlers, but I’d love to see some content for young Sims included in more packs going forward.

1. Weather, Please!

Of all the expansion packs in The Sims franchise history, Seasons is one of the ones that fundamentally changed the base game in a very real way. Besides giving your Sims new activities to do, the addition of weather really gave a sense of realism and atmosphere to the game. That being said, I realise that this likely has a lot of behind-the-scenes work associated with it, which is probably why it’s always been one of the later expansions. Still, I look forward to having weather in The Sims 4 – I think it will look amazing in the game engine.

So those are my wishes for The Sims 4 going forward. Do you have any that you’d add? Let me know in the comments below!

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