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I came across the Feel Good 7 Day Blogging Challenge yesterday, and decided to give it a try. The first challenge is to write about my ideal customer. Of course, I’m not selling anything here so that doesn’t quite fit. But I thought I might examine the reasons why I blog and what kind of readers I think I’m trying to reach.

I’ve always enjoyed writing, but never pursued it beyond filling up piles of journals when I was younger. So when the opportunity to do some gaming reviews came along, I jumped in and reviewed a variety of games (though the majority were Sims titles). Once I started writing reviews, I realised I enjoyed writing and wanted to write about other things that didn’t really fit into a video game website. So I started The Triangular Room, where I could write about whatever I wanted to.

I started with LEGO, sharing photos of my minifigs every week, but it soon became clear that I didn’t have enough to say about LEGO to fill a blog. So I began writing about other things, like the Pathfinder game I had started running. That still wasn’t enough for me, so I branched out into Sims posts as well. My blog ended up suiting its name rather well: a room with three distinct corners that probably appeal to very different people.

I’ve been told I have a very niche blog, but I’m okay with that. I can manage this one blog, instead of trying to find content for three different blogs – an impossible task for me. I blog partly for myself, because I enjoy being able to share my thoughts and ideas with others in my little corner of the Internet. I also hope to reach people who share one or more of my interests, whether that’s LEGO, Pathfinder, or The Sims, or one of the other topics I occasionally blog about. I try to be consistent with posting about each topic on a particular day of the week so that readers can find the content they’re interested in.

So if you’re someone who enjoys the occasional LEGO photo, or are looking for Pathfinder ideas, campaign journals, or reviews, or enjoy The Sims games, you might find something on The Triangular Room that you like.

3 thoughts on “Why I Blog

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  • September 20, 2015 at 11:09 pm

    Hello Triangular Room,
    I enjoyed reading this. This is the only Lego/Sims/Pathfinder blog I have ever run into! xD I was OBSESSED with the Sims when I was younger and bought as many of the expansions as my parents allowed me. It was an escape… building a whole different life for myself in another world (one where I actually had boobs for example lmao) xD

    • September 21, 2015 at 10:08 am

      Hi Jaymee
      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed my post. I think I’ve got something of a unique blog here but I figured, why not 🙂
      I do miss the good ol’ days of Simming where all I had to worry about was getting my homework done! 😀


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