Keeping up with the Joneses #83


With Evelyn returning her focus to her career, the rest of the family took turns taking care of baby Felicia. This was definitely one of the benefits of having a big family!


Meanwhile, Edith had been focusing so much of her energy on gardening and looking after her niece, and neglecting her painting. Even she didn’t like the artworks she was creating!


Next time she did some gardening, she enlisted the help of Erik and Elliot to get the job done a bit faster. They weren’t very good at gardening, but they still saved Edith a bit of time.


Elliot invited one of his former housemates over to see the baby, who was, of course, fast asleep. Elliot tried to impress his friend with his comedic skills, though he wasn’t entirely successful.


It wasn’t long until Felicia grew up into a little girl. Unbeknownst to her family, she was evil and destined for great evil things. In the short term, however, she dreamed of becoming an artistic prodigy.


While the rest of the household was occupied elsewhere, the Grim Reaper paid yet another visit to the Jones residence. This time, he was there to collect Darlene. She’d had a great life, but unfortunately she just didn’t have enough time to reach the top of the astronaut career. She hoped her son would succeed where she had failed. Only Callie’s ghost was present to witness the passing of the last member of the fourth generation of the Jones family.

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