Keeping up with the Joneses #89


Felicia’s birthday came around not long after her father passed away. After being something of an artistic prodigy, she found herself becoming uncharacteristically clumsy as she grew older. Her evil streak remained, and she decided to become a public enemy before she died. She took a job at a fast food restaurant, since the local criminal ring didn’t accept teenagers. Felicia was fairly certain that the restaurant was actually a front for some sort of criminal operation, though she struggled to find any proof of this.


Evelyn and Edith decided it was time to renovate the Jones family estate. Elliot’s death had reminded them of their own mortality, and they wanted to leave a lasting legacy when they were gone. They hired contractors to demolish the old house and built a new home from scratch, complete with a swimming pool, garden area and a graveyard for past family members.


The new Jones residence was fairly simple, but very roomy, with space for everyone, and plenty of areas to focus on skills.


There was a science lab next to the kitchen.


There was another office space next to the lounge.


Freddy had his own room filled with plenty of toys.


There was a brand new gym too!


Some of the rooms I included or adapted for my build: Lemon Lime Bathroom, Lemon Lime Kitchen, Lemon Lime Living Room, Lemon Lime Bedroom, Orange Kids, and Relax on the Terrace.

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