Keeping Up with the Joneses #95


Edith hoped no one had noticed her taking the youth potion. She didn’t look any different, but she felt much more energetic. Erik and Freddy were too busy eating breakfast to notice what Edith was up to.


While the rest of the family was enjoying a delicious breakfast, Evelyn woke up from a nap to discover that her time was finally up. There was no time to say goodbye, as the Grim Reaper arrived within moments.


Evelyn Jones, generation 5 heir of the Jones legacy, passed on after a long and successful life. She reached the top of the writer: author career, becoming a creator of worlds before dying of extreme old age. She never did reach her aspiration of being a party animal though, probably because she was too busy reading and writing books!


Between the loss of her sister, best friend and partner in crime, and the youth potion, Edith wasn’t feeling quite herself. Apparently she felt streaking was a good way to deal with her feelings.


Felicia dealt with the loss of her mother in the only way she knew how: picking fights with the neighbours.


She found that most Sims could be goaded into a fight by implying their mother was a llama.

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