Death of Magic Campaign

It’s been a while since my Rise of the Runelords campaign came to an end, and in the time since then, our group has started a new Pathfinder campaign with a new game master, my husband, Garth (known as @Valshen on Twitter). This time we’re based in Riddleport, in the same world as my campaign, but an unknown amount of time has passed since we said goodbye to Cecil, Ciaran, Nu and Radha.

Something is happening to magic in Varisia. Strange purple crystals have been appearing, drawing those who seek more power. But what are these crystals and what is their connection to the Thassilonian ruins that dot the Varisian landscape? Can four people, brought together by seemingly random circumstance, set aside their differences and solve the mystery before arcane magic is extinguished from Varisia, and perhaps the rest of Golarion? 

Below is the list of player characters in the party. Going forward, I’ll be sharing character backgrounds and campaign journals written by me and some of the other players:

Morwain Harrowborn, CG female elf witch, played by Claudia Ferreira.

Freyaria Belclaw, CN female human bloodrager (draconic bloodline), played by Matthew Figueira.

Skittle, CN male ratfolk alchemist (grenadier), played by Daniel Hallinan.

Eirtae Cyane Vlastos, CG female human brawler (shield champion), played by Abigail Holden (me).

Image credit: Paizo blog

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