Character Background: Morwain Harrowborn

Morwain Harrowborn

CG female elf witch, played by Claudia Ferreira

portait2Born on the day of the Swallowtail festival, Morwain was supposed to bring luck to the village of in Crying Leaf. Instead, she seemed to be lodestone for bad luck. Her mother died at birth, the first in a long series of misfortunes. Strange things would happen around her and she was ostracised by those around her as a result.

Morwain was a studious child, as sharp in her behaviour as in her intellectual ability. Often bullied, she would defend herself with carefully honed words over force before retreating into the sanctuary of her books.

She was on the brink of adulthood when her life changed forever. She and her father embarked on a long journey, accompanying an Elven envoy. Along the way, they were attacked by an unusually powerful Orc party led by a shadowy flying figure.

During the battle, Morwain was wounded and fell into a fevered dream state. There, she found herself confronted by a powerful force that spoke to her with the voice of a roaring river. It offered her life, knowledge, power and vengeance for her service. She did not hesitate to accept.

She awoke far from the battlefield in the mud of a riverbank. Her wounds were healed and she felt within herself a power she had never had before. Walking with no sense of where she was going, she eventually found the battlefield. The Orcs were gone and ravens feasted on the bodies of her dead kin.

One dark bird stood aside from the rest, watching her rather than scavenging. Instinctively, she beckoned it towards her and began talking to it. She was somehow not surprised when it spoke back. Naming it Inkwell, she set off in search of shelter and sustenance, her mind heavy with grief.

Since then, Morwain has served the eldritch force that saved her. It speaks to her through her dreams, guiding her along a path only it can see. She follows willingly, hoping that it will lead her to the unknown figure responsible for her father’s death.

In the years since the attack, she has made a living telling fortunes with a Harrow deck. She holds no real powers of divination but uses Inkwell as an accomplice to find out more information about people. She has found the going difficult in Riddleport, where there is a would-be seer on every corner.

Image credits: Morrigan by Ryan Kelly.

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