Character Background: Cyane Vlastos

Cyane Vlastos

CG female human brawler (shield champion), played by Abigail Holden.

paizo___brawler_by_fdasuarez-d8cyfmoBorn Lady Eirtae Cyane Vlastos, daughter of a noble Taldan family, Cyane found the nobility terribly dull and ended up in more fist fights than ‘proper, respectable’ duels. Brawling with her twin brother (who was something of a bully) and in underground fight clubs, Cyane learnt a number of fighting styles. Still, she longed for real adventure.

On the eve of her arranged marriage to a nobleman she barely knew, she donned her best jewelry and fine clothes for the pre-wedding celebrations. Her mother helped her slip out unnoticed, and Cyane disappeared into the night. She promised her mother that she would one day return and bring honour back to the family – and take control of the family away from her selfish brother.

After selling most of her possessions, Cyane made her way to Valknar Gladiatorial College in the River Kingdoms. She trained there for a time, until she became worried that her family was close to finding her. She moved on to the Bloodworks in Varisia, where she excelled, until she lost a fight – that was intended to be to the death.

Fortunately, in the audience of that match was an influential crime boss from Riddleport – Clegg Zincher – who saw potential in the unusual fighter. He saved Cyane’s life in exchange for her service as his personal bodyguard and enforcer.

In Riddleport, Zincher taught Cyane his specialty: unarmed combat with a shield as a weapon. This made her both deadly and underestimated, allowing her to be present at potentially dangerous deals and meetings where weapons were not permitted.

Now, Cyane finds Zincher’s employ just as stifling as her life as a noble in Taldor. She longs to be free of her debt to this criminal and use her skills for tasks of her own choosing.

Image credit: fdasuarez on DeviantArt

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