Campaign Journal: A Rough Beginning

Zincher’s had me and Freya working at the docks all week. It hasn’t stopped raining the entire time. I swear, if he has me carry one more crate, I may lose my mind. It’s been ages since we’ve done any proper work.

A fortune teller interrupted our dinner at a┬álocal bar. She was pretty good, I’ll give her that – not that I would have admitted it – her reading was eerily accurate. How could she possibly have known about my engagement? No one in Riddleport knows about my past. Unless she’s working for my brother…?

Then, just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, some sewer rat-man-thing bursts into the bar, attacks the barkeep with some sort of bomb, then steals our food! It didn’t take the enforcers long to arrive and we ended up in lockdown overnight. I was a little surprised that they dared to arrest two of Zincher’s crew…

After a very long night in lockdown, Zincher gave me a job, a real job. Just had to bring him one of those mages, or as he calls them, ‘fancy boys’. This one was hiding in a warehouse across town. He was guarded, so Freya and I set out to do what needed to be done, and that fortune teller and the rat-thing came along too. They are clearly both quite mad, but they seem to have fairly powerful magic. The woman keeps talking to her pet crow… something’s definitely not right there.

At the warehouse we hit something of a snag – the place was guarded, and there were plenty of witnesses around. The rat-man offered to create a distraction; unfortunately, he thought throwing a bomb at our feet (when he was a safe distance away, of course!) and murdering half a dozen innocent bystanders was a good idea. After that, things descended into chaos, and we ended up having to kill all the guards – it’s going to take me hours to clean the blood and bone fragments off my shield – and scaring the few remaining civilians. I’m pretty sure I heard someone summoning the guard…

We dashed inside warehouse, but it was clear something was not right. I should have known Zincher wouldn’t have sent us on a simple collection mission. But then, those cyphermages are always up to something strange. The place looked like it had been cleared out – of course, it was pitch black inside, so it was a little hard to tell. We killed a skeleton and some sort of iron snake that were guarding the place.

We found the mage in the next room – or perhaps more accurately, he was covering the next room. No bones or anything, just red painted over every surface in the room. Zincher is not going to be pleased.


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