Keeping Up with the Joneses #100


Erik continued honing his skills as his birthday approached. There were so many skills to master, and he knew he had limited time left. With so many other aspirations under his belt, Erik decided to take go for his dream of becoming an angling ace. This led him to fish in many exotic locations, including the Forgotten Grotto his uncle Declan had discovered so many years ago.


Erik also happened to be an excellent cook, so naturally he baked his own birthday cake.


Having already achieved so much in his life, it was hard to think of something to wish for. The only thing Erik wanted to do now was to finally become an interstellar smuggler. He wasn’t far off – a few more good missions ought to do it. It was a pity that none of the family was around to celebrate with him.


Later that week, Edith’s long life came to an end. She quietly lay down in her garden when the Grim Reaper came for her. Erik was now the only surviving member of the fifth generation of the Jones family.


Felicia arrived in time to see Edith go. She felt it was fitting that she would pass on in the garden in which she had spent so much of her time. At least she had become a patron of the arts before she died.


In the aftermath of Edith’s death, no one remembered to care for her beloved cowplant. Felicia noticed that Edith had planted a new cowplant seed on the very day she died.

Abigail Holden

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