Campaign Journal: Into Darkness

Cyane’s previous journal entry: A Rough Beginning

After we discovered the mage splattered (painted is probably a better word) across the walls of his hideout, we were approached by a tall man calling himself “Jay”. He had this story about the purple crystals that were lying around the room the mage had died in. Apparently they’re “death”, whatever that means, though I’m inclined to believe this Jay person given what happened to that mage.

Jay was interested in getting more information about Zincher, which I didn’t mind providing since this guy seemed like he might just be powerful enough to help me escape Zincher’s employ. Plus, Jay showed us a secret exit in the warehouse, allowing us to escape the town guards who were no doubt ready to arrest us for the murder of all those civilians, and the other guards, and probably the mage too.

Unfortunately, the secret exit led down into the sewers, which would hardly have been my first choice, or my second for that matter. But we didn’t have a lot of options, and the rat man seemed fairly comfortable down in the filthy tunnels.

Things were going all right. The fortune teller introduced herself as Morwain, and we decided to call the rat thing Whiskers since he wouldn’t give us his real name. We encountered another of his kind living down in the sewers, and they spoke in some strange language, allegedly getting directions back to the surface. They could have been making fun of us for all I know.

It didn’t take us long to run into trouble, though. There were these bizarre two-headed snakes blocking our path, and Freyaria took down one easy enough, so I rushed to destroy the other four that showed up. Freya backed me up, but the rat and the phoney fortune teller didn’t so much as lift a finger, leaving us to die in those stinking tunnels. We might have been okay, but I had thrown my shield at the first snake and ended up surrounded. Their venom eventually overpowered me, and Freya and I went down in the darkness…

I found myself on a road. I couldn’t leave the damned road, and it seemed to just go around in a circle. I felt like I was alone and not alone at the same time, but I couldn’t see anyone else with me. I saw a flash in the area next to the road – a big circle – but since I couldn’t leave the road to investigate, I decided to sit down and watch to see if the circle reappeared. It did not…


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