Campaign Journal: Why Did It Have to be Snakes?

Morwain’s previous journal entry: Bad Day 

Mowain the witchHe calls himself ‘Jay’. No surname. Not much information about himself at all. Just Jay.

He’s not a man I would trust under normal circumstances. But then, these were not normal circumstances. We were trapped in a warehouse with the remains of a cypher mage smeared across a room and a score of bodies lying on the streets outside.

So when Jay appeared at the doors, spouting a tale of exploding crystals and claiming that he could get us to safety, I was more inclined to listen than I would normally have been. The crystals, he said, were a magical byproduct of some kind. Highly dangerous, he said, as if the splattered remains of the cypher mage weren’t enough of a tip-off.

Our mysterious stranger offered to help us escape the warehouse if we agreed to help him with a task of his. Seeing as the only other option was being taken away by the gendarme and put back in that godsforsaken prison, the choice was an easy one. Jay revealed a secret passageway and sent us on our way, with the promise that we would steal crystals from Zincher – the local gangster who’d sent us to bring in the cypher mage.

It was only once we were travelling the length of the sewer below that I began to regret our decision. The shit we’d have had to deal with if we’d been arrested for murder was at least only metaphorical, unlike the very real river of filth we were wading through.

As we walked, I introduced myself to the other three, hoping to gather a bit more information on the ratfolk more than anything else. Bruiser and Claws introduced themselves as Cyane and Freyaria respectively, but the ratfolk remained stubbornly mute. That is, until he ran into another of his kind, and got him to draw in the muck what I hoped was a map to an exit.

The good news is that the directions he gave did indeed lead to the way out. The bad news is that they also led to a giant, two-headed snake. It almost killed the ratling with a single bite of its massive fangs, before Freyaria took care of it with her hammer.

Such creatures, I recalled, normally hang around in packs of five. Sure enough, as I turned around, I caught sight of four more of the blasted things slithering towards us from the far end of the passage.

I shouted a warning and ran ahead to where my companions had been fighting the first snake… only for the bloody shield wielder to sprint past me in the direction of the snakes. After a beat, Freyaria followed, albeit with a expression of confusion that mirrored mine.

As you would expect of a single person running into a pack of giant snakes, Cyane was badly outmatched. Despite her best attempts to deflect their fangs with her shield, a couple of the heads were able to get in some good bites.

Staying a safe distance away, I summoned a horse in the hope that it would distract the snakes and Cyane would be able to get away. But the poor horse died in vain as Cyane and Freyaria continued to battle the snakes with an effort as brave as it was stupid.

For the record, I am sad about what happened next. Freyaria did save my life at the warehouse and it’s not pleasant to see anyone eaten alive by sewer snakes. But it is even less pleasant to be eaten yourself, so the ratling and I turned and ran.

He led me to the exit, where I took in the fresh air and gave a silent prayer for our suicidal companions. It’s always nice to honour the dead, no matter how stupidly they might have died. Then I set to work healing the ratling, who finally gave me his name – Skittle.

Remembering how his ears had perked up at the thought of stealing from Zincher, I tried to convince him what a good team he made, and how my powers could help us infiltrate Zincher’s manor now that Cyane and Freyaria wer dead. It worked, and he agreed to stick together and come up with a plan.

We found an inn where we could finally eat something. When we arrived, we found a message from Jay asking us to stay where we were. I do not like much how he always seems to know where we are, but I suspect he has some large role to play in the path that my patron has set forth for me.

But that is something to worry about tomorrow. Tonight, there is a bath and bed waiting.


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