Keeping Up with the Joneses #116

Jones Family Legacy

Luke was beginning to struggle to keep up with the younger athletes who worked under him. He was in peak physical condition, but he was very, very old now. He was perhaps the oldest Sim in the history of the Jones family. He expected he would outlive his wife by many years, a thought that brought Luke great sadness.

Jones Family Legacy

The twins were doing well in high school and were enjoying their part-time jobs as well. Fortunately they were still able to make time to spend with the family, something Luke greatly appreciated.

Jones Family Legacy

Genevieve even spent some time helping out at the family retail store. She reckoned honing her people skills could only help her in the future.

Everything seemed to be going well for the Jones family when tragedy struck…

Jones Family Legacy

Freddy reached the end of his life one afternoon. Glen and Felicia were there to witness the tragic event, and were both devastated for days. Freddy had had a successful life, however, and a successful career in business management. He’d even completed both wealth aspirations, making the family fabulously wealthy in the process.

Jones Family Legacy

It turned out that the Grim Reaper was collecting another soul that day. Erik’s time was up as well. He had also enjoyed a long and successful life, travelling to Sixam and meeting aliens, becoming a renowned interstellar smuggler, and completing an impressive 5 aspirations: The Curator, Nerd Brain, Freelance Botanist, Mansion Baron and Fabulously Wealthy! It was a pity that no one was present to witness the passing of this accomplished Sim.

Freddy and Erik’s tombstones were added to the family graveyard. They were gone, but their legacy would live on.

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