The Jones Legacy


The Jones family is my ongoing legacy family in The Sims 4. I post a new chapter in their story every Tuesday.

Not sure what a Sims legacy challenge is? Basically, you create a Sim and aim to play their descendants through 10 generations without cheating. You can check out the official legacy challenge rules here.




You can catch up on past chapters of the Jones story below. I start a new generation when the heir reaches young adulthood. I’ve hidden my summaries of each generation behind spoiler tags so that they don’t, well, spoil anything if you’re not up to date with the story!

Jones Family Generation 7

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Jones Legacy Generation 6

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[su_spoiler title=”More about Generation 6″]Felicia Jones is an evil genius, if a bit clumsy. She was an artistic prodigy as a child, but when she was older she decided to pursue a career in the criminal underworld, becoming a public enemy in the process. She married the athletic Luke Beaver, and had two sets of twins: Glen and Genesis, and Gabrielle and Genevieve. Her brother Freddy, though lazy, pursued a career in the business world.[/su_spoiler]

Jones Legacy Generation 5

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[su_spoiler title=”More about Generation 5″]Evelyn Jones was a hardworking Sim. She may not have achieved her lifelong goal of becoming the ultimate party animal, but she did reach the top of the author career path. Her books earned the family a steady income. Her sister, Edith, was her best friend and partner in crime. Edith was a master painter and botanist and patron of the arts, and collected a large number of traits during her long life. Evelyn married Elliot Klein and had two children, Felicia and Freddy.[/su_spoiler]

Jones Legacy Generation 4

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[su_spoiler title=”More about Generation 4″]Declan Jones was a musical genius who eventually became a concert virtuoso, sharing his musical gifts with his family and the world. He married the beautiful Erica Glass, who was a professional gamer. They had two daughters, Evelyn and Edith. Declan was the first Jones to discover the Forgotten Grotto. Declan’s sister Darlene was a space ranger and the first non-heir to start a family of her own. Her son Erik went on to become an interstellar smuggler and expert botanist. Erik also completed the frog collection, 5 aspirations and traveled through a wormhole to the planet Sixam.[/su_spoiler]

Jones Legacy Generation 3

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[su_spoiler title=”More about Generation 3″]Twins Callie and Clara Jones were destined to be opposites. Clara spent her entire life dedicated to becoming the best secret agent the world had ever seen, while Callie followed the path of the criminal. Clara eventually reached the pinnacle of her career while Callie ran out of time. However, Callie was also an avid collector and explorer, and was more successful at these endeavors, eventually discovering the hidden Sylvan Glades. She married Lane Downing, and had two children, Declan and Darlene. Unfortunately, they didn’t get to know their father as he was already quite old when they were born.[/su_spoiler]

Jones Legacy Generation 2

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[su_spoiler title=”More about Generation 2″]Bryant always hated children, and so hated the burden placed on him by being the heir. Hi adopted sister, Bianca, wasn’t eligible, so all the responsibility fell on him. Bryant was an expert chef and botanist, and quite wealthy as well. He had twins Callie and Clara with his girlfriend Shelly Nagel, who died from embarrassment after Bryant rejected both her marriage proposals. Bianca as a musician who spent most of her days honing her violin skills and sharing them with her nieces. [/su_spoiler]

Jones Legacy Generation 1

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[su_spoiler title=”More about Generation 1″]Alexis Jones, the founder of the Jones family, had a simple dream: to leave behind a legacy that would last generations – ten generations to be precise. She was a moderately successful tech guru and married Nick Hoffmann, who passed away after their son Bryant was born. Alexis later adopted a little girl named Bianca to try fill the void left by Nick’s passing.[/su_spoiler]

Trait icons from the Sims 4 Ultimate Game Icon Pack by TheSimKid